BSOD Sapphire 5850 with atikmdag.sys --- Please Help

long story short, i built this pc about 2 years ago

at the time, i put in a q6600, an evga 780i (nf78 model) mobo, and 2x 8800 GTS 512's (complete order except for processor in the link)

i decided to upgrade the video card this year, and got a sapphire 5850,

cleaned the old drivers using driver sweeper, and installed the new card, however, it bluescreens after around an hour of use in any games, and usually BSOD's in less than 20 minutes,

ive tried installing the most current drivers, older drivers, disabling the HDMI sound device on the card itself, turning up the fan speed of the card (even though temps were stable at around 55C under load,)

right now the card is idling at a cool 18C (really cold where i live ATM)

Im trying to rule out any other issues than the card itself being faulty before monday, so that if it turns out that the card is the problem, i can RMA it quickly and get a new one

thanks for any advice anyone can give me
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  1. Update- Seems as though the problem was with a specific program (the bad company 2 beta in Dx auto mode), turning that off seemed to fix it, for a while

    now the problem has resurfaced in another program (heroes of newerth)...

    trying to narrow down the causes... but HoN isnt anywhere near as demanding as BC2..
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