Front Audio + Card Reader

I need front audio ports for Headphones and Mic.

I have an Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wifi-AP motherboard
I have the following slots free:
2x external floppy drive bays
1x CD/DVD/Optical drive bay

I have a 7.1 surround sound setup connected to the back panel ports from onboard sound, from the motherboard and what I would like is front ports for the mic and headphones, so that when Im gaming/mix/match I can simply plug in the headphones/headset and use it that way (with obviously the speakers being cut out due to connection by headphones)

I would prefer it this way, but can consider buying a USB headset?

When I built it, I had XP, XP64 and Vista, so I needed a floppy drive and brought one with a card reader built in on it. I now only use windows 7, so no longer require the floppy drive, but card reader is used every once in a while.

Whats the best way forward/product to use?

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  1. Floppy bay card reader

    As for sound, i never had a case that didn't provide such access so never tho about it.
  2. Nice find jack, thats exactly what im lookin for. Any ideas on which would be the best to buy?

    I would like the card reader ports to be pretty new in terms of types of cards it can accept.
  3. In all honesty, I hate those card readers. They're kind of hit and miss, because their usually really cheap, and you get what you pay for. Looks like that SYBA reads just about everything, up to SDHC.

  4. Cool find mate.

    Though I dont really care much of the card reader, whats the point in having a full bay wasted on a single peripheral. May aswell get something that has USB, Audio and card readers.

    I use an external usb card reader and more often connect devices using a usb cable, but on odd occasions, the memory card does not read, so thats where my internal card reader comes in handy.

    Iv just installed fan controller, for future use (need another fan (4th)) and will soon be looking to replace all my fans for something more efficient and near silent.

    Also, just double checked that my motherboard has an onboard front audio connector.

    So, thanks for the find.
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