Hydravision problem.

Running the X700 Pro, PCIe. I recently switched over to Win7, and when I did I tried to put hydravision back on, but it wouldn't let me into hydravision properties and gave me this error message.

"This message has appeared to inform you that HYDRAVISION will only run when an ATI display driver is loaded. An ATI display driver is not currently
detected on your system."

The thing is, I installed the driver, catalyst control center is already available, why wont hydravision work? The driver says its fine in the device manager, and is up to date... ??? Any ideas?
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  1. Did u install the right driver? Driver for xp, vista and win7 are different... :)
    Also, old card like x700 has face many problems with win7.
  2. Yes well the X700 uses a generic ATI driver for win7, its one of those universal drivers that they use for all of their Radeon X series now. Does it need to be a specifically X700 driver? Why doesn't the ATI supplied driver count?
  3. ATI has stopped supplying driver for an old card. Since x700 is dx9 only and doesn't support dx10 or dx11 then it could be a problem like yours occur...
    Have u tested it to watching videos or play some games?
    If it's fine then i think okay to continue it... :)
  4. Well the card behaves fine and runs fine, its the hydravision features that I was hoping to utilize - specifically, theres a hydravision property that clones media playback onto the extended desktop, its perfect for how I use my second moniter (my TV). Anyway - its no big loss if I can't, watching movies and such will just be less convenient :( (a lot less).

    Its not just that too, hydravision does a lot for managing multiple desktops that you just can't do without it.

    Or, is there any other program that could do something like that?
  5. I'm not familiar with that multiple desktops program. I believe the Catalyst Control Center has something similar to hydravision features...
    I don't know how to make hydravision run on win7...
    Sorry if i'm not help at all... :(
  6. Nah thats allright, I appreciate your effort. I'm pretty sure its just a lost cause, just hoping to see if someone knows of a workaround. I can just deal with it, its not essential.

    The big thing I wanted was the full screen clone of whatever is in media player on my second screen, so it plays in both, and still volatile in the first screen, minimized, maximized, whatever - it played full screen on the second.
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