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  1. There in nothing available now for building a PENTIUM 2 pc!Even Softwares and games does not support that!
  2. And Why do you wanna do that?
  3. Is this one of those funny threads?
  4. A good start would be getting the Pentium 2.
  5. Pentium 2's are overpriced! Get a K6-2 theres just as good and cheaper lmao
  6. Well, the first thing you need to do is find a technology museum... or a junk yard. Either would work.
  7. Ebay you can build a Pentium 2 system for $30 but who would want to you can barely run XP on it.
  8. Maybe he means Pentium Dual-Core.

    Please don't hurt me.
  9. ^yeah maybe...

    Pentium 2(Cores) :lol:
  10. Well I'd hope so.

    No point in building a Pentium 2.
  11. I think you would better try to build to a PC with an Intel 4004 processor!!!!!

    Seriously, can you clarify what do you want exactly? Intel Pentium 2 is about 13 years old!!!!
  12. If you really want to build a pentium 2 you have to search for it...

    My advice would be finding forums that are local to you and create a thread saying

    WTB Pentium2 Or looking for old hardware.

    If you were arount montreal area I would gladly give you a Pentium3 motherboard with a P3-1000 or similar with all the components needed.

    But for a Pentium2... you might need to give it Windows 95 or 98se or at latest 2000 (Minimum 400Mhz with 384MB Ram)

    For windows 95 and 98, it will be a big pain finding the drivers...

    Perhaps you can tell us why and what do you plan to do with this.
  13. who wouldnt want a state of the art 280nm Pentium 2, or the newer 250nm deschutes based P2's but the Mendocino celerons are far superior for the money reguardless of 128k L2!
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