Intel Pentium D 830 3.00GHz - Smithfield - Speed of Cores


I have an Intel Pentium D 830 3.00GHz - Smithfield.

When I run “Intel(R) Processor ID Utility” it states that following:

Speed Expected “ 3.0 GHz”
Reported Core 1 “1.66 GHz”
Reported Core 2 “1.66 GHz”

Should each core report 3.0 GHZ?

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  1. Speedstep. Turn it off if it bothers you, but I'd leave it on because its a netburst CPU.
  2. download cpu-z (search in google). Install and run it. Post the screen.
  3. After I disabled “On-Deman Clock Modulation” in BOIS it reports 3 GHz for each core now.

  4. As I said I'd leave that enabled seeing as you have a P4. Wouldn't make a difference either way performance wise. But you should see a decrease in heat output.
  5. But, but but!

    Speedstep is a good thing.

    Why didn't anyone explain it to him?
  6. Not to mention, speedstep doesn't ever go that low on a smithfield. 2.8 GHz was the speedstep "idle" speed.
  7. I suppose so, but any power saving is better than none.
  8. I’m keeping Speedstep enabled – Don’t seem to hurt in anyway.

    When “On-Demand Clock Modulation” is enable to Auto it cuts all the speeds in half for the CPU. No idea why but I’m leaving it disabled because there is a huge gain. (Double the FPS in games) CPU does run hotter but in normal range.

    Thanks all for your input.
  9. It should clock back up to full speed once a game is loaded. You should see no difference in performance.
  10. All I can tell you is ever thing slows down with On-Demand Clock Modulation enabled to Auto.
    I can confirm it does by my FPS in game.

    Intel(R) Processor ID Utility reports each CPU running at Core Speed @ 1.65 GHz and System Bus both @ 440 MHz with it enabled.

    With it disabled Core Speeds each @ 3.0 GHz and Both System Bus at 800 MHz.

    CPU-Z only shows one CPU and the results are always the same with it enabled or disabled.

    This is what I have enabled in BOIS right now but I tried every different variance. Same results.

    Boot Failure Guard – Enabled
    Spread Spectrum – Disabled
    Enhanced Halt State – Enabled
    CPU Thermal Throttling – Enabled
    No-Execute Memory Protection – Disabled
    Intel Speedstep Tech – Enabled
    On-Demand Clock Modulation – Disabled.

    American Megatrends Inc.
    Version: P1.00 “updated to p1.30” Made no difference.

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