Task bar

where is the task bar located?
where is the run configuration located?
where is the task manager located?
In installing windows xp, vista and higher grade windows,do I have to use or have a start up disk?
what is the proper syntax or format in formatting hard disk?
what's the best use of CMOS set-up and how to go with it particularly BIOS set-up? Is it the same the BIOS and CMOS? And how to install windows when hard disk already formatted? please help me because I am confusing about this matter because I am novice particular in troubleshooting of computer. I hope you can help me thanks a lot to all of you
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    taskbar is the bar usually at the bottom of the screen...the bar with start on it.

    the run utility can be accessed windows key + R.

    task manager can be opened with ctrl + shift + esc.

    to install them you need the disk, but afterwards the bootmgr is installed to your hard drive.

    you can format a disk during windows installation, or by right clicking hdd in my computer and selecting format.

    bios is the software for changing settings, any setup is fine, it depends what features your motherboard has.

    cmos is the technology (hardware), you cant change those settings.

    to install windows on a formatted hard drive, you need an install disk, they can be bought at most computer shops.

    hope this helps
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