Water cooling Raid Cards?

Ok my LSI MegaRAID 9265-8i get very hot, i have a fan pushing air over its heat sink and it still overheats, and then it crashes my PC, i'm wondering would it be possible to get a water block for it, or make one? I've looked all over the internet, but haven't found anything, so i'm posting here to see if i can find some answers.
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  1. I have never heard of anybody watercooling a raid card. Just make sure your case has plenty of fans and you will be fine.
  2. I have seen people go to the extreme of water cooling a Revo Drive but not raid card.

    as typically a high end RAID card would exist in a server enviroment water cooling isnt common there.
  3. This thing?

    the big heatsink can come off and a universal block should fit with some modding, I'd get some Vga heatsinks on the other chips as well,
    but are you up to modifying/fabricating a bracket for the block?
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