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Can some one suggest me a good motherboard for amd 965 x4 black edition, i have looked around for quite few of them from asus, gigabyte and msi, but having a hard time to select one. I prefer the new motherboard has FSB upto 2.6ghz, with ddr3 ram support, usb 3.0 and a sli or cross fire support.

Could you guys kindly suggest me something good around 180-200$ max. :bounce:
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  1. not able to access the links mate, getting The page you requested is unavailable.

    Could you send me some other links.
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    I'' send you the names of the motherboards, you can do a search in

    1st link is:
    Asus M4A89TD Pro. $185.

    2nd Link is:
    MSI NF980-G65. $160
  3. thx mate....

    Is Anyone kind enough to suggest me some good asus or gigabyte mobo's which would go good with amd 965 be
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