Possible mobo issues - new build

Hey everyone, I have a newly built computer..about 2 months now. The mobo is an Asus m4n72-e. Lately while booting the bios hangs. It gets to checking the ram and sayings its ok then just...chills. Usually for 30 seconds-ish. Then it initializes the usb keyboard/mouse and goes onward.
I have been having some other issues too, occasional erratic behavior with the usb mouse getting all..slow and retarded (may be the batteries, I always forget to turn it off) Also, the grahpics card has been working..harder lately than it was before.
My question relates to ESD..used a wrist strap the whole time putting it together, but..could this be the problem? Dying mobo perhaps?
I have ran memtest already for 3 passes...its good. Tonight is prime 95 for a couple of hours. (never ran it for more than half hour before after o.c. my 720be to 3.4ghz.)

Any ideas?
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  1. Hmmmm, perhaps you have heat issues? How hot do your CPU and GPU run?
  2. r_manic said:
    Hmmmm, perhaps you have heat issues? How hot do your CPU and GPU run?

    Nah, the cpu and gpu both run fine. I'm running a vented/clear side case 2 120mm fans and a 92mm fan cpu copper tubed aluminum brick for cooling. CPU is 55c load max. The gpu never goes over 66c, then again...gpu never used to go much over 58 or 59...on the same games that it now runs 66c at. to be honest, my copy of MW2 is...borrowed, so that could be a problem. However, even crysis uses like 1200mb of vram at a 1650x1080 resolution. Thats just insane. MW2 now uses as much as 1100mb vram, where as before it never pulled over 500-600mb.

    Everything is running smoothly (other than that bios hang just annoying the piss outta me) nothing has fried, died, or just ceased to function in general. So I honestly have no idea what is going on. I contacted gigabyte about the graphics card...their tech support leaves a bit to be desired.
  3. Maybe try a bios update or reload the current bios. Also remove all ram except 1 stick and try the process of elimination. I know u said memetest was ok, its worth a try.
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