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When I play mp3 files on my PC something is limiting their volume. If I convert the file to a wma file, it's much louder. I can actually hear Windows or whatever limiting the volume in Windows Media Player 12. I had the same problem in Vista. I've turned all the enhancement options off in WMP 12 but it doesn't change. All the other types of media files are much louder as well. And, no it's not because the mp3s were recorder low or anything like that. I can take one of the mp3 files, convert it and boom it's like two or three times as loud. WTF, is going on with WMP 12. Is there a codec option to change or some option in WMP 12?
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  1. Check out the volume in control panel/sounds. Use winamp.
  2. The volume is maxed everywhere on the computer. You don't seem to understand the problem.
  3. hmm, i have never ever heard of this problem,

    this is new.
  4. This is a common issue, well to people who pay attension to this kind of thing.
    As a sound engineer, this is a very very annoying thing.
    As far as I know there is no way to bypass the limiting/compression on windows 7 and vista, as it applies to the main volume control.
    Work arounds may be, buy an external soundcard and use that. Digital works best. Though analogue has warmness.

    MY favourite work around.. I use XP, problem solved.
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