Is my comuter compatible with hackintosh 10.5.6

Hi, I need to know if my computer is able to run iPC 10.5.6 or any other distro of hackintosh:


GRAPHICS: Integrated 256MB nVIDIA 6150 SE

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8ghz ( I don't over clock because I have just the stock cooler)

RAM: DDR2 667mhz 2GB Centron memory

HDD: Maxtor 120GB IDE HDD

DVD/CD Drive: ASUS Super Multi Drive (Burns every CD and DVD format available, except Blu ray) and a Pioneer DVD-ROM IDE

NETWORKING: A D-Link b/g PCI card

Also, what is the best distro for my system? Thanks, Josh
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  1. Probably not. Search for successful Hackintosh projects, and you'll see that they all use Intel CPUs. Your best bet is to match the specs of an existing Mac computer, such as the iMac.
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