Intel 945G (Lakeport?) processor upgrade..

The missus has a ageing Dell 5100 which we recently treated to a memory upgrade and my old videocard, and now the upgrade bug has taken hold, I'm wondering if I can swap in a faster/better processor. We've no desire to replace the pc as it's working well enough for most things, just not some recent games.

It's got the Intel 945G chipset, and I think it's the LGA755 socket (I'll need to check this as I'm not at home) with a P4 at 2.8Ghz I reckon I could fit a faster second-hand P4 in there, but would like to go core-2-duo if the chipset will support it.

Can anyone say if the 945G can take a core-2-duo (assuming it does have the LGA cpu socket - if it doesn't I'll reort back..)


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    You're thinking of LGA 775 ;) only 20 pins off.

    Anyway, I searched up a bit, and the Dell Dimension 5100's 945G chipset based motherboard does not support Core 2 Duo processors unfortunately. However, they do support Pentium D processors, which you may like to have a look at.

    For games, you'd see a bigger improvement improving the graphics card, CPU too I suppose.
  2. 755 - that's the budget version :)

    Bummer on the compatability, thanks for the info though.

    The intel graphics adaptor is pretty pants, but after swapping in my old 6800GT (not exactly blistering itself) it's now actually capable of a few older FPS titles, good enough for cheap zombie-spatting fun.
  3. Lol, I never knew there was socket 755, which still uses pins like AMD. I just learnt something new today.
  4. heh..

    Not really.

    I just learnt that saying stuff in jest can cause misunderstanding.

    It's a typo 755 = 775.. Pity it's not april 1st :D
  5. Do you have the exact model number?
  6. Not until I get home.. I'm busy abusing my work internet connection..
  7. Oh goodie!
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