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8800GS and fx580 in non SLI mode (physx)

I'm young engineer, so I'm using fx580 right now, but sometimes i like play, so i have question:) Is it possible to make NON SLI(fx580 haven't sli connection), and using 8800gs and fx580 (physx) when i playing and ONLY fx580 when i work in CAD?
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    whilst technically it is possible to plug in two different cards and make one of them do the physx, im not sure whether the fx580 has physx support in the first place.

    i know that if you have two different cards you can use 1 nvidia card for physx, and the other for gfx.

    sorry, but for gaming the 8800gs will do both gfx and physx
  2. that is assuming the fx580 is a workstation card, and not a gaming card
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