Best cheap gaming build?

Howdy, im kinda low on budget and a hardcore gamer. The best i could come up with is this: Core™2 Quad Q9400
1 TB - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528A
Monitor LG monitor 22" LCD W2243S-PF
Desktop Board DP45SG "Skyberg" 1333
DDR3 1333 MHz 4 GB Dual Channel Kit
ATI Radeon HD4890
DVD rec GH22
CORSAIR 550W VX Series ATX2 v2.2, 120mm
ARCTIC-COOLING Accelero Twin Turbo, for VGA
ARCTIC-COOLING Freezer 7 Pro, socket 775, for CPU
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  1. anyone??? please i need an advice :o
  2. i could def improve on that, but what is your budget?
  3. ares1214 said:
    i could def improve on that, but what is your budget?

    after calculating my currency to EU it comes to a rough 1,200 EUR
  4. lol wait are you american or other?
  5. ares1214 said:
    lol wait are you american or other?

    croatia... and seems to me that components are alot expensive here in cro that anywhere else... our currency is croatian kuna and stands about 1EUR=7,4KN
  6. o wow, not everyday you meet a croatian :) but anyway, since i cant really use websites to help, heres what i would change:

    CPU: Get a amd x4 phenom 2, preferably cheaper than the q9400, we are working in 3 currencys here, but i think all of them are cheaper by a little, so basically just get a amd phenom 2 quad core.

    HDD: get the samsung f3 1 tb if you can, but that is great too.

    Monitor: good one, aslong as its hd, below 5 ms, and has a decent contrast ration your fine

    RAM: i have no clue what ram you have chosen, but you really want to make sure it is below 1.65 volts, and below 8-8-8 timings, and obviously ddr3. most people dont care about ram, but it is important.

    VID CARD: Thats fine, i have 2 of those, they are awesome. you might want to get a lil extra money for a 5850 though, more power and future proofness. kinda wish ati had a card between the 5770 and the 5850, too big of a gap...

    CASE: good case

    PSU: 550 watts might be a lil should have at the least 700 watts if you ever want to crossfire, but if you have absolutely no intention of that, a good 500-600 watt psu from ocz, antec, corsair, ... should be good. you should also know that the 5xxx series takes up less power, so the 5770 (a little less powerful than the 4890, but newer, so when new drivers and games come out, it should be about even, as well as it has dx11.) might be something to look into.

    COOLING: hyper 212, best at the price period.

    thats about all the help i can give, but i hope this was helpful :)
  7. Agree with ares. It's just that I pick 5770, even if it's a little slower, you will have lower power consumption(which saves $$ on psu), and dx11 and will leave you space for another one in the future at the same performance as 2x4890 with lower pr. consp. and cheaper psu with dx11. That's what I did and think it's quite reasonable.
  8. it is quite reasonable, but dont you wish there was like a 5830 or 5790, that was like 225ish-250ish$ and outperformed the 4890 by a bit, so that we didnt have to sacrafice performance with the 5770, or spend 300$ on the 5850.
  9. oh how i wish that 5850 is 300$, i would buy two right away... 5850 here costs 450$... 5770 is close to 400$... also during this few days 4890 is no longer available, so i don't have a card anymore... would hate to go for 5770, i just dont like that 128bit clock :cry: as for the CPU i would kinda whish to stay on intel couse of the motherboard, its the only one that is .775 and runs on 1333Mhz and takes DDR3 for the quad CPU
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