COOLER MASTER Seidon 120M vs Corsair H60 vs Antec Kuhler 620

Thoughts? Kinda a Cooler master fan boy but it just seems like the only difference between all of these would be the thermal paste and the coolant
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  1. Going to be little difference between either one and both will perform similar to good air cooling anyway.
  2. I would check around for comparisons but they should be pretty close. Since they are low end closed loop systems, you may be better off with good air cooling. However, that depends on your case and how much space you have to work with.
  3. Secret option D, Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO.
    Performs the same as a H60 at half the cost.
  4. ^ Yep, that would be one of those good air coolers and cheap too.
  5. Wait, so the HYPER 212 EVO performs the same as the H60?? My only problem is that i dont want to bother with the thermal paste, i dont want to mess up and screw up my whole machine. Thats why I was looking at these because of the preapplied thermal paste
  6. Without thermal paste, all of these will be horrible.
    As long as you dont empty the whole tube on the CPU, you will be fine. Just a small blob the size of a pea in the center is enough.
  7. Do what manofchalk said and do the pea size dot. It'll spread out.
  8. Ok one more question, 212 EVO or V6 GT? The V6 looks awesome and has alot more heatpipes, it also had a push pull already set up. So thoughts?
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    I'm of the opinion that getting mid-range coolers isnt worth it. They don't perform above good budget coolers enough to justify the price, and the extreme end is only $20 away in most cases.
    But, if you want the V6 and can afford it without impacting another part of the rig, go for it. It is ultimately your rig, money and decision.
  10. Ok thank you all for the help.
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  12. brianlaserbeam said:
    Ok one more question, 212 EVO or V6 GT? The V6 looks awesome and has alot more heatpipes, it also had a push pull already set up. So thoughts?

    I bought the V6 for my last build and am looking to replace it with one of these compact prefilled water coolers.

    After I installed it I started seeing reviews that it wasn't much better than the stock Intel fan can came with the cpu. My results seem to agree. I don't even overclock yet I've seen the temps climb up pretty high during some tests. I carefully followed all the installation instructions and used a pea-sized drop of Arctic 5, (EVERY cpu cooler needs termal paste, there is no getting around it. That's why some coolers come with it already applied to their product).

    Then there's the dust problem. This thing gets filled with dust with no easy way to clean it. I finally found a youtube video showing how to remove the fan for cleaning (cooler master won't tell you how). Going to try it tomorrow. Hope I can finally get all that dust out of the fins on the inside. It's caked on pretty good.

    One other downside is that if your motherboard is vertically mounted as are most, this thing hanging off your board is putting some stress on it, even though there is a back plate. So if you ever need to transport your computer you really want to lay it down on it's side so that the cooler is vertical. I went so far as to tie mine to the top of the case with fishing line to balance out the downward pull.

    In conclusion, it's adequate and looks cool, but it's just a so-so cooler and is a pain to keep clean.
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