Hey Guys,......
I want to buy myself a new LCD Screen but I dont know anything about LCD's.

I thought the LGW2261VPPF is a nice one as is has 2ms responce time, 50 000:1 Contrast and is 21.5" screen and its costs sub $120.

Is this the right buy??
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  1. Yes, u can count on LG, that's a good brand. :)
    But wait, can u show us the link for that monitor?
  2. I dont have a link for that LCD, a local Compute Shop reccomended it.
    But i followed your link and that is the right LCD.
    The guys also reccomended SAMSUNG P2250
    So between LG and Samsung I dont know whith way to go,...
  3. Both of them are good, u will not disappointed with those LCDs.
    So what about their prices? Is it far between them?
  4. This is for samsung:

    well, after seeing both of LCDs, i would say get the cheapest one, they are all good. :)
  5. Thanx Man,
    The Samsung is about 7% more expncive.
    So I think that I will go with the LG then,.........
    Or what would you say??
    The warrantys is also the same etc.
  6. Oh, if the price is about 7% more expensive then take SAMSUNG... :)
    7% wouldn't hurt u too much, i have both LG and SAMSUNG monitor, and they are good.
    But if u ask me, i choose samsung.
    well, it's up to u then... ;)
  7. Okey great thanx dude,
    Ill just hang around a bit more to get a few more guys to speak ther minds.
    Thanx man
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