Athlon II X2 250 + Ati 4850 512Mb

Is an Athlon II X2 250 fast enough for an Ati 4850 512Mb or will it be a bottleneck ?
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  1. Are u on a plan to buy 4850??
    i think u will be okay with that setup... :)
  2. Yes, maybe I'll buy one...glad to here they go good together.
  3. wait, if u want to buy a card then don't go with an old tech...
    Get yourself a HD5770, less heat, less power consumption and dx11... :)
  4. That would be much more expensive...The 4850 is 95 euro, the 5770 would cost me 150 euro...I would be happy allready if the Athlon II X2 250 is enough to satisfy the 4850.
  5. okay then, i just suggesting, but if u're on a tight budget then 4850 will be good...
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