Coolmax VL 600w psu won't work with M3N78-VM


why won't these 2 items work together?

Are they compatible? Something out of the ordinary has to be plugged in?

I've tried another cheapie mios psu that works just fine. Pc is new.

I've checked and recheck my connections.

Please help.
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  1. Dead PSU?
  2. Brand new psu.

    The motherboard has that one light on Near the ram when the psu is connected, but it won't power on the pc.

    Here is the psu

    are the spec compatible to the specs of the asus m3n78-vm

    or should I go return it for a different psu. If they let me.
  3. Also the pc has windows 7 64bit installed
  4. That's a Chokemax PSU. It wasn't designed to power sensitive electronics, like a computer, although it may be suitable for 300W-400W worth of light bulbs. If you're lucky, it was dead before you tried to use it, so it never got the chance to damage your computer when it died.
    A quality PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification. You do not list the rest of your specs, but unless you're using something MORE power-hungry than a HD4850 or HD5770, most likely all you need is a 380W Antec Earthwatts.
  5. Oh I see!!!

    I have 3 hard drives, 2 are just dump drives for movies.

    Photoshop cs4 is probably the biggest thing I run, no games. Bit torrent

    Sapphire HD3650.

    So u suggest antec. If you have a minute can you please pick something half decent from for me. Under $100 and about 400w and up.

    Much appriciated!
  6. Also pc works just fine since I put back the loudest effing psu back in, that's my biggest concert. I need a psu that's very very low on noise
  7. Get this 380W Antec Earthwatts:
    Your GPU sips juice; it isn't a gaming card. Even if you wanted a newer HTPC card like a HD5450, you wouldn't need a bigger PSU.
    Just be aware this PSU doesn't come with a power cord, so save your old one.

    Edit: As to noise, I installed one just a couple weeks ago in my Mom's PC, and had to double check that it was on when I first flipped the switch. It is almost inaudible.
  8. Your looking at a defective PS or a rare problem where the PSU and motherboard just don't like each other. Thats why you sometimes get a product review where the guy claims the unit was defective and 1 or more identical RMA replacements also failed.

    This assumes the board is known to work. And the PSU is the only new component.
  9. His board works, with another [very noisy] PSU. Given that the new PSU is a Chokemax, that looks like the pretty obvious culprit. For one to work and not another discounts a cabling error as well, like forgetting the CPU power cable.
  10. Likely, but not a certainty. Believe it or not, most Coolmax PSU actually do work well.
  11. Took it back, they tested and tested it. Completely dead. Got my money back and picked up a corsair one, works great. Wanted the antec that was suggested bu they didn't have it.

    Now my next thing is getting a near quiet CPU fan/heatsink combo lol

    I have a thing w noise, anything highly suggested.
  12. I prefer corsair to antec anyways. Though both are outstanding, the corsair is quieter than the Antec model that was recomended.

    As for quiet CPU heatsink, try the "Alpine 64 Pro" from artic cooling. It cools better than stock, its very quiet, and its inexpensive.
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