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Last night everything was fine with my system. Today I get the message on my monitor "no signal". I swapped monitors so it's not that. Can I assume it's the GPU? If I had a virus or it was software, I would still have a signal to the monitor, right? Is my only troubleshooting option to swap the GPU?

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  1. your cable also might have problems, try a new cable

    and then a second GPU, to make sure it is the original GPU
  2. I bought a new GPU from Newegg so if it's not that at least they have a great return policy.

    Thinking ahead, if it's not the GPU then what are my options? How can I troubleshoot the main board and cpu?
  3. yeah but that means buying another one if you don't have another set already
  4. p.s. if it's the main board, can I put the GPU in the other PCI slot? Are the slots interchangeable, or is on the "main" one and the other is for a 2nd GPU?
  5. I had to buy another one as it's the only PCI card in the house.
  6. yeah the slots are interchangeable

    you don't have to go numerically
  7. I changed PCI slots and it works. Now I just have to go through cable!!!
  8. Now during POST I get a BOOTMGR error - I hope this is because on of my DVD drives is unplugged.
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