Best Intel core i7 Motherboards ???

Please can you tell me the top 3 motherboards with socket 1366 for i7 cpu's am willing to spend good money on just the motherboard since this is the Base of everything :) if you can number them 3 to 1 would be great thanks
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  1. 1. EVGA EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI -
    2. Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 -
    3. ASUS ASUS Rampage III Extreme -

    If your Budget is $6,000+ then consider 1-3 as excellent choices.

    There's the Best, now what's your Budget?
  2. I always waiting to see an exception to the rule, but generally people who ask this kind of question actually have no use for the answer.

    A useful answer requires us to learn whether you are entering an OC competition, want to run quad SLI, trying to play WoW at 1680 res, etc
  3. The question was pretty clear - OP Q - "Best Intel core i7 Motherboards ???" and they're rated. Yeah, too there's - A/Q - "There's the Best, now what's your Budget?"

    ^I was pretty succinct. Goes with which is the "Best flavor of ice cream." OP needs to describe the Sundae and we'll suggest the type of Bananas.
  4. ^ Or also wait and get the X58 for less$.
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