Is SATA III compatible with my motherboard?

That is my motherboard. I want to upgrade to this SSD

But I don't know whether or not it would be compatible. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Also, could i just buy a small piece of hardware to make it compatible for the full 6gb/s? Such as a SATA controller card? (I'm looking into these things I'm just not 100% sure about everything)
Would that fix my issue?
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  1. The drive is backwards compatible with your motherboards SATA II controller so it will work limited by the SATA II interface. It is still a massive increase from a mechanical HDD, adding a card for SATA III will get you some increase over the SATA II but the PCIe X1 ver2.0 will not allow full SATA III speeds.
    I personally would get the drive running it on the motherboards SATA II connection.
  2. Alright thanks for the help.
    I just look at YouTube videos of people running SATA III SSDs and they're booting Windows in like 14 seconds and their applications nearly instantly. Will SATA II be a huge performance decrease from that?
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    This just so happened to be recently covered here on Tom's. Short answer, you really won't be able to tell the different between SATA2 vs SATA3 in the real world tests.,3110.html
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  5. You both helped me out equally. I'm just going to build a new computer. I selected mfleming as best answer because of the link, but rolli provided the answer to my original question. Thanks everyone
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