Which cpu? Help!

Me again :)
For FSX and other low end games, which is better?
A, B, or C?
A.) Amd Dual Core Phenom 550 3.1GHZ
B.)Amd Triple core Athlon X3 435 2.9ghz
C.)Amd Athlon X4 620 2.6ghz

How much of an improvement would i get in relation to an Athlon X2 215?
All AM3 mobo
£80 max

Other specs of pc...
4gb DDr3 1066mhz
320gb hdd
Sapphire Radeon HD5670 512mb
1x 92mm 34cfm case fan
ocz 400w stealthxstream
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  1. FSX loves quad cores so get the Athlon 620 and Overclock it to around 3.2ghz for best performance, and also try to unlock the L3 cache if your motherboard allows it. The 5670 might hold you back a little to its not really a great video card for gaming but FSX is more CPU Dependant so get a quad core.
  2. the 620 is a solid choice, but it is a propus quad with the l3 cache physically cut out, unless you get one of the ones they made before the official release where they just locked the l3,
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