Recover data from nas raid 1 drives

I formatted over some data accidentally on my Netgear Stora setup in Raid 1.
I want to use a virtual recovery program that I have access to, that has always worked flawlessly, but it doesn't have a feature to access my raid 1 NAS, and i tried pulling the drives out and doing a recovery through USB Caddy, but it doesn't recognize the drives. Windows 7.
Any help on how I can use some kind of data recovery solution to get all of my files off of either one of the RAID 1 setup drives would be greatly appreciated :-)
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  1. Pandora Recovery works on RAID arrays and external drives and is free -- works very well.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation, but just like my Virtual Recovery solution, it does not see my NAS Network RAID 1 Setup.
    Have you, or anyone you know, been able to get this program Pandora Recovery, to recover from a single disk pulled from a RAID 1 environment.
    Thank you :-)
  3. I've used it on a RAID 0 array that was in a machine and on external drives, but not on RAID 1 or a single drive from a RAID 1.
  4. o.k Thank you so much for your thoughts and info. If you, or someone else finds a way I can get my data recovered from this setup, it would be a great help.
    Thanks :-)
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