Which fan and fan controller

Hi guys,

I need 4 additional fans with red LEDs. I can't decide between these three :

Aerocool Shark

BitFenix Spectre Pro (I need 14cm version but wasn't able to find it on newegg)

Xigmatec Crystal Series

- Please note that, in my country, I could get Bitfenix for 19€, Xigmatek for 14€ and Aerocool for 11€ (and that makes alost 40€ difference).

Also I would need a fan controller, as my MB doesn't have 7 fan connectors (I don't want to connect 2/3 fans in one connector together).
Could anybody advise the best fan controller for 5/6/8 fans ? I need something that wouldn'tburn my PC after 6 months and will WORK with these fans (LED fans, I know that it is a problem for some controllers).

Thank you in advance
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  1. Aerocool Shark.

    It's one of the best fans out there.

    For the fan controller, an NZXT Sentrey 2 would be a good choice!
  2. will Sentry2 work fully with that fan ?
  3. Yes!
  4. and one last thing - isn't it a bit loud ? wouldn't be the xigmatek better option ? :)
  5. The Aerocool shark comes with an LNA adapter, which makes it practically silent. (I own one)

    Also, you can run them off of your FC and adjust them to your liking!
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