Will 460w coolermaster support?

cpu - amd phenom II 965 BE 140w

mobo- asus m4a785td-v evo

ram - 2gb ddr3 1333mhz x2

hdd-seagate barracuda 7200 500gb

optical drive - dvdrw 22x

case - cooler master glite 310

this is the build i currently own.

can my 460w coolermaster support xfx HD 5670 1GB 128-bit DDR5???

if yes then whats the best ati gfx i can go for with my current build??
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    The 5670 requires very little power you could run that system on as little as a 300 watt PSU. That coolermaster is not a good PSU and will fail if you try and push it too hard but you should be able to get away with running a 5770 maybe. I would really have to recommend you getting a better quality PSU though.

    Go to the link in my sig for more info. Also check stickies first before you post you could have answered your own question by reading a sticky.
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