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I'm trying to find the right motherboard but It's just so difficult so I decided to join Tom's Hardware and ask the question to more professionals.
I'm looking for a motherboard that is AM3 (support Athlon II or Phenom II) and it's memory type is DDR3 (Capable of 1333mhz-1600mhz), right so far it's pretty easy right? but here's what's wrong for me to find, I also need it SLI capable not Hybrid, still easy right? but here's the problem, most motherboards I find there PCI-E slots when running SLI are working 16x 8x or 8x 8x
since i'm probably going to run two GTX 460s and want most of there performance.

conclusion: I'm trying to find one that is 16x and 16x! would also like the motherboard to be under 200$ (CAD)

other: If there is none of this kind, the question is it still good to have sli running 16x(top slot) and the 2nd card running 8x?

Thanks, excuse my English I did my best, I speak more french/russian
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  1. x16-x8 will work fine with only a small loss of frame rate, most often when your frame rate is so high it doesn't matter anyway.

    On the Intel side, you can get x16-x16 using i7 9XX cpus, but will be held to lesser options on socket 1156 mobos.

    Sorry, can't help on AMD mobos . . . someone else will jump in.
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  3. The only one I could find that has dual x16 and is SLI ready
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  5. knotknut said:

    never had a gigabyte mobo but it has everything I need! thanks alot!
  6. knotknut said:

    Wow...I hope you still read this as that board is NOT SLI CAPABLE. The only amd boards that are capable of sli are ones with nvidia chipsets and to get one in your standards it would have to be the nforce 980a chipset.

    On newegg there are currently two boards matching this description:

    However I would seriously suggest choosing a different route such as amd graphics or an intel chipset. Nvidia chipsets suck and the sli scaling is horrible, note recent sbm. I seriously suggest taking a good read of this article:,2700.html

    A sli gtx 460 setup is potent but on the wrong platform the results won't be what you want. If you want to keep the sli 460 I would suggest going with the i5 750/760 if you want a quad core and just forget about how many pci lanes there are. X8 will NOT be a bottle neck
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