Undervolting from BIOS, VID still exceeds the setting?

I have an AMD Athlon II x4 620 and I have the VCORE set in BIOS of 1.1750v. During idle in Windows 7, CnQ drops the voltage to around 1.1250v which is expected. However, during load, the VID tends to jump to 1.2, or even 1.3v as reported by Core Temp. Is Core Temp giving an incorrect reading for VID, or is this expected behavior? Thanks.
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  1. Try using CPU-Z and see what that tells you.
  2. CPU-Z maxed out at 1.200v (reported in Core Temp as a VID of 1.2000v). The bouncing out of VCORE doesn't seem to happen under full 100% load (like with Prime95), but under conditions where all four cores are experiencing varying loads, such as during defragmentation. During full load with Prime95, CPU-Z reports between 1.155 and 1.161 consistently.

    I also ran Prime95 for 9 hours at the current VCORE setting and it seems stable to that end.
  3. The nominal voltage range for your processor is 0.925-1.425V. You seem to be well within this range, so as long as your temps are ok I wouldn't worry too much about it. Hope this helps!
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