Best speakers and sound card?

Hello, any suggestions for exceptional play/record performance?
currently considering MAUDIO + Logitech z5500. I am a guitarist btw, so i might need the hi-Z input.
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  1. Just stay away from anything Creative, that's what I always say. They've been a bit sluggish about releasing driver updates. Remember what they did to the guy who made Vista drivers for their hardware?
  2. I got M-Audio Studiophile AV 40, great monitors for the price. I have always been away from creative dont worry ;) Its for girls, who just watches Johnny Depp films in Dolby. By the way, M-Audio or Terratec or smt. else? Will the Hi-Z input matter too much for my guitar?
  3. I use Klipsch For my ears they sounds good, With just the onboard audio

    You might want to look into a HT OMEGA
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