Disk read errors

Hey guys
I have an asus striker extreme mobo w intel core duo 2.66 ghz, 4gb ram, and one nvidia graphics card.

so the past few months, one of my 3 sata hdds has been intermittently dismounting itself w heavy use. Also I have never been able to burn a DVD+r (sata also) without bluescreening. My IDE DVD-r works fine

the past month or so, my pc has been randomly shutting itself down (no bluescreen) with heavy hdd use. When I first put my system together I remember I was going to be pulling about 600W and I figured my antec 650 power supply was just being borderline. So I replaced it with an antec quattro 850 yesterday

now, I can't even boot my machine anymore and the bios can't find my hdds-- sometimes it finds one or two. Occasionally it finds all 3. I even bought and tried a new hdd and it doesn't work either. Booting from windows cd is also intermittently failing with disk read errors or it just shuts off the machine randomly, like when I try to install windows

I've tried replacing sata cables to no avail

before I buy a new mobo, I thought i'd ask u guys for help. So... Just how screwed am I?

Also, if i need a new mobo, a replacement rec would be much appreciated. I'd like to keep the CPU (lga 775)
Thx in advance
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  1. Sounds like you have power issues... or a faulty motherboard. Try swapping out the PSU before getting a replacement mobo. Check out this list of LGA 775 mobos.
  2. Thanks for the response man. Yeah that's the first thing I tried (as I wrote above). I now have an Antec 850W power supply which should be well over enough wattage for my PC. in any case, it is more wattage than the 650, so should be providing more stability than before. also I've tried just booting with just one HDD + 1 DVD-R connected to power and SATA, and power and IDE respectively, and the results were the same.

    I've ordered a new mobo... any chance it could be a memory issue?

  3. I would try reformatting the boot drive and reinstalling before buying a new motherboard.

    I would also run S.M.A.R.T. test on each drive. SpeedFan has the test. You need to be connected to the internet to get a full report.

    I would pick the drive to install a fresh OS on after running the SMART tests.

    Sometimes just reseating the SATA cables helps.
  4. After two motherboard swaps my system still has no pulse. Debugging w tech support revealed that no power was getting to my CPU. Now it's clear that the CPU died. I've ordered a Q9550 pentium core 2 quad to replace my CPU.
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