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Hi Guys,

I just want to ask the opinion of the community regarding my concern.

I was planning to get myself a SSD to be used as a boot drive + common apps + skyrim and I happen to saw these 3 items on sale.

Intel X-25M 80gb (second-hand) - $95
Corsair Force 3 120gb - $180
OCZ Agility 3 120gb - $180

Which of them should you think I get?

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  1. the intel seems good, it should fit everything including skryrim, not much more though. if the intel is sata 3, its the best option
  2. I would go with;

    Corsair Force Series GT CSSD-F90GBGT-BK 2.5" 90GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
    $149.99 and free shipping

    This one will give you enough room for the OS and a couple games and a few apps.
  3. @sumkid: the Intel model is X-25M G1 which I think is still SATA 2.

    @Inzone: as much as possible, i would want to have the biggest ssd i can afford (120gb ssd) but I'm just tempted to get the first-gen intel on sale since it is quite cheap.

    The only thing inhibiting me from getting the intel was:
    - smaller 80gb space
    - older-gen
    - second-hand (already used) so lifespan might be a little less

    If I'm planning to invest in an ssd, do you think I should go for a newer-gen ssd or the older but cheaper ones?
  4. Sine the wear leveling is not as good as a regular hdd and it has a limited amount of writes , you don't know how a used item was used and I know that when money is tight you can't always get exactly what you want and the ideal thing would be to get a 240gb SSD. Since the budget is low and you are trying to get the most gb's for your money I would take a good hard look at what you can possibly spend and see if you can get a new 120gb SSD. If you shop around at the different online stores , Newegg , Amazon , NCIX and see who may have the lowest price , something on sale or one with a rebate. Something like this one here that has a $30 mail in rebate;

    This one has a $20 rebate;
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