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I've flashed the bios on my EVGA x58 board. Originally, it was underclocking the RAM and when I clicked EMP profile in the BIOS, I was getting a lot of blue screens of death. After the flashing, it was still underclocking the RAM. Again, I set it to the correct profile and again, more BSOD's. Now the new thing after I just got fed up and left it underclocked; At post it says, keyboard error and freezes on the post screen which shows the BIOS, RAM, and CPU type/speed. Also, if anyone is familiar with the EVGA motherboard with the digital display, it hows "75" ide devices when there is a keyboard error an d it freezes at post. I don't have any ide devices. Both HDD's and the DVD-RW are SATA. I contacted EVGA but they seem to be useless. I contacted GSKILL (my ram) and they don't respond to my emails. Im ready to buy a new motherboard/ram because the issues seem to be somewhere between these two and Im getting frustrated. Now, here's the kicker! My case has front USB sockets and if I connect a printer, or a ipod, or a phone, the keyboard and mouse shutdown and dont work. The mouse is lit but doesnt work. You type on the keyboard; nothing. This use to happen rarely, now happens more frequently. To fix this, I have to completely shut down my system, if I don't it freezes on post saying keyboard error. Faulty motherboard?
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  1. You may have a case problem and not a mothboard problem. Try breadboarding your system to eliminate your case as a source of problems:
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