How big of an SSD is good for Win 7?


im building new rig, and I'm getting the Crucial 64gb m4


I need to know how much space Windows 7 Home Premium actually takes up, because i need about 10gb-15gb for program files.


PS. i also have a 2tb for storage, so this is strictly for OS & main programs
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  1. That will be large enough for an install of Win 7 HP and quite a few programs (15gb) with enough space left over. To utilize your space efficiently move the paging file to the HDD or just don't use one (up to you) and OPTIMIZE your SSD.
  2. I believe its between 15GB-20GB stock. Take into consideration page file, temp files, hibernate files, etc.

    I installed windows home prem. on a 64GB SSD, with drivers, and main programs (except games) and I'm currently at 28GB use.

    I used this page --> and pick and chose options, one was step 13: Turn off system restore. This will free up some space.

    And also, a recommendation from Mod Nikorr I just received, they mentioned that you can get the OS down to a whopping 800MB using RT se7en lite. Props to Nikorr for that recommendation.
  3. I recommend the 120GB SSD drives. They give you the most storage space per dollar and they are faster than the lower capacity models. Once you see how fast your SSD is, you'll want to move more of your software onto it.

    Definitely optimize your SSD to get better performace, I used this page to optimize mine:
  4. Hello
    I‘ve just installed a Kingston SSV300 120gb ssd. Actual usage is 111gb.
    I installed Win 7 pro, clean install.
    I‘ve added Sony Vegas 12 onto the same drive.
    Total space used comes to 17.1 gigabytes
    I chose the 120gb size as it should leave plenty of space for windows updates and alike.
    All other programs go onto a seperate drive.
    Hope that helps.
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