ASUS P6T and shutdown problem after PCI express card install and Windows 7


Running Win 7 with no problems. Then installed PCI Express parallel card (Syba SD-PEX 10005)and immediately encountered failure to completely shutdown. System will shutdown by holding the power button, but this is not a good practice. Any suggestions appreciated. Everything else works fine.
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  1. Remove the PCIe card and test if Windows now shuts down properly. Refit the PCIe card, install its drivers (if any for Win 7 32-bit or 64-bit. pls see and test if the problem comes back.
  2. A BIOS update recently helped a friend of mine with the same board.
  3. 1. Removed and replaced the PCI card, reinstalled drivers and the problem persisted (including with the card removed).
    2. The BIOS is no playground for the inexperienced. One wrong move and you're off to the local PC technician who hopefully can fix it.

    In the meantime fired up the 10 year old PC stored in the basement. OMG is it ever slow. Amazing how things have changed!
  4. You can flash the bios from the desktop using the bios update tool from ASUS. Works fine.
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    You removed the card and the problem was still there ? Maybe you did something bad that coincided with the PCIe card installation. Am I correct ?
  6. The computer is back from the shop.

    The problem was an AuzenTech X-Meridian 7.1 Sound card which was causing a conflict on shutdown with the onboard sound. As it turns out the onboard sound is every bit as good as the AuzenTech card. With the sound card removed everything started working fine.

    According to the technician he experiences a lot of sound card and video card conflicts that result in the inability to completely shut down. In my case the video card was fine so that accounts for why the monitor shut down properly.
  7. swifty_morgan said:
    You can flash the bios from the desktop using the bios update tool from ASUS. Works fine.

    I took the Flash files to the Technician and when I picked up the machine I asked him if he had "Flashed the Bios". His response was: "The Bios didn't need to be flashed and you need to stay out of the bios".
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  9. He couldn't have fixed it if HE stayed out of the bios. That's where he would have had to disable the on board sound. If you obey the techs you'll never learn anything. Glad to hear it works right.
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