Upgrade graphics on DX4200-09

how would i upgrade the grahics card for this kind of computer? i know what card i want
( http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=hd+4670&ved=0CCkQrQQwAg&cid=6017759349200646091&sa=title#p ) and i want to know how i can get this card into my computer???
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  1. You've mistaknenly given the link to video card
  2. i know, that is the card i want to get, but i dont know if it will work for my computer, http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668220.php here is the link for my computer, hope someone can help and tell me if this will work
  3. here is a picture of the inside of my computer
    hope this will on you guys telling me if the HD 4670 will work with my computer
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