Need help upgrading cpu

I am thinking bout upgrading my current amd64x2 4800 @2.5. All i play is games and i think it is really killing me in new games. I just bc2 and it plays it like crap. Here are my current system specs.

amd64x2 4800
2x1gb ocz ddr2 800
windows vista
visiontek ati 3870 512mb

I am on a really tight budget so price/performace is a must. I have a hp desktop that i have to work off of so i have to get a new mobo as well.

I only play at 1280x1024 res for right now(not going to get bigger monitor just yet)

I think at that res my 3870 should do pretty well for a little bit. My HP case only supports a matx mobo so if you could help me pick out a good mobo with decent overclocking options that would be awesome.

My options that I picked out are as follows. Please let me know what you think would be the best option as far as gaming goes with bc2, ac2, mw2, etc.

Phenom II x2 555 BE

There is also the 550 BE(older model) for $15 cheaper (OEM)

Obviously the BE would be lot easier to overclock and the ability to maybe unlock the other 2 cores is a plus.

Sorry for the long post any help would be appreciated. By the way my budget would prob be around $300 for the mobo, cpu, and pro ddr3 ram
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  1. Jakeh, is there a Fry's near you or should I say a drive within reason? You can often buy CPU/mobo deals that are on weekly sales for the price of the CPU alone. Just throwing that out there...
    I would choose the Asus board over MSI only because of past experience with the brands of the 2 you listed.
  2. yea i live in az there is one bout 20 mins away. I always thought stuff from newegg was the cheapest place to get parts anywhere
  3. AMD Phenom II X2 555 BLACK
    & MSI 785GM-E51 Motherboard $114.99

    They probably have more specials if you go to the store.

    I would look into an Phenom II x3 720 BC2 likes more cores it can use more then 2 so look into it.
  4. that is an awesome deal both those together would be almost $170 on newegg. Thanks for the great find ill have to hop on over there
  5. Jakeh1322 said:
    yea i live in az there is one bout 20 mins away. I always thought stuff from newegg was the cheapest place to get parts anywhere

    Most of the time yes but there is some value in being able to bring your stuff home the same day if the price is close enough. There should be a Fry's ad in tomorrow's paper that will list the weekly deals but as Saaiello said, there are always deals to be had not printed that are in store deals only.
  6. I just looked at frys today for the weekly deal check this out.

    older phenom II 955 BE but still a $160 processor with the new msi mobo with the usb 3.0 that runs $130 on newegg both for $170 are you kidding me?

    just might have to pick this up too good a deal to pass up

    also upgrading from an amd 64x2 4800 would i notice a lot of performance increase in gaming at 1280x1024? or would the older 3870 be bottlenecking the new cpu(looking at getting a 5000 series within next 6 months)
  7. The 3870 although being an old card still will perform fairly good I dont think it will be too much of a bottleneck but when you ready to upgrade your card go for at least an 5770 or better.

    If your not happy with the 555BE after you get it and you cant get it to unlock I would try selling it on EBAY and get a quad. Since you are almost getting it for free in that bundle you wil actually make a few dollars.
  8. Allright so i am really kinda torn between an athlon II x4 630, phenom II x3 720BE, phenom II x2 555 BE. both the phenoms are black editions with possiblilty to unlock all 4 core. on the other hand athlon x4 is allready a quad but no black edition. Someone help. Again i am running a 3870 at 1280x1024 and use it purely for gaming
  9. Well the Phenoms have a slight advantage over the Athlon with there L3 cache it will give a little better performance at the same clock speed. You could go with the Athlon II 630 and maybe unlock the L3 cache and basically turn it into a Phenom since the Athlon II's are just a Phenom II with its cache disabled sometimes its disable because its defective other times its just disable to fill demand levels but that is really hit or miss. The Phenom II x3 720BE is great choice in my eyes it will overclock really easy with its unlocked multi has a real good chance of being unlocked into a Quad core and 3 cores seems to be the sweet spot for gaming. I myself would not get a dual core yes it could be unlocked but if it doesn't your stuck with a dual core atleast with the x3 if it dont unlock you got 3 cores which is the sweet spot like I said for gaming.
  10. Kinda re doing a old thread hear, but i was searching on the forum and someone said something about buying a athlon II x3 440 and just saving a few bucks to buy a better video card. Now frys has a combo deal for $80 with mobo.
    this is the mobo
    i only have ddr2 memory at the moment so wouldnt have to get ddr3 is that correct? also for the money and for the games right now (mw2, bc2, ac2)is the althlon x3 440 a good buy with a mobo at that price? i mean with the new x6 out maybe when they jump below the $200 price would be able to just pop those right in that mobo right?
    also i know its a shot in the dark but i have read about unlocking the 4th core on athlon x3 with certain mobo so could be a possiblity
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