Looking for 4x 120mm Blue LED fans.

Using a GAMMA Classic Series Chassis and trying to make it cooler.

Ideally no more than 10$ a fan.

Ideally quiet.,, Microcenter are all preferred places.

Looking at


but open to better options.
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  1. Go with the coolermaster fan. They have much better fans than thermaltake. Friends don't let friends buy thermaltake. Coolermaster fans have a longer life. I have those exact same fans in my case. They're about a couple months old and they still spin fast and really quiet.
  2. lol good to know.

    Another option maybe?

    Also, any suggestions on a connector/manager for it? My motherboard only has 3 slots for them. One is taken up by the stock fan in the case, another by my heatsink fan.
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    They work well, and are bright. You can get better, but they will be expensive, loud, and no lights.
  4. Other then the no long life sleeve on the cheaper one - whats the difference (if any) between the cooler-master fans?
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  6. Personally, don't bother with four lit fans.

    Get two lit fans, a 120 for the front bottom, and a 140 to jury-rig in the drive bays.

    I have that case, and LOVE it.
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