Computer Shutting Down By Itself

My friend asked me to fix his computer.

The problem is, it shuts down after a few minutes, around 5-30 minutes. Sometimes it can last a an hour or 2.

Ive reset the bios, unplugged any unnecssary things, and it still overheats, i cant run any antivirus or anything, because it shuts off, EVEN in safe mode. Its really clean, so it cant be dust.

Is there any free program that can monitor all the temps. Or any other fixes to this problem?

Its specs are:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32BIT (not activated)
Pentium D 2.8GHZ CPU
1GB of Ram
144gb Western Digital HD

What could be the problem?
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  1. Sounds like an old PC.

    Power supply might be dieing. "Try a different one"
    Ram might be dieing. "try a different one"
    Check the mobo capacitors for leaks/bulging.
    Check for over heating.

    Google speedfan.
  2. I second daships suggestions, speedfan is a decent free program for watching temps - if you dont find anything obvious there try unchecking
    System Properties/Advanced/Startup and Recovery Setting/ Automatically restart for system failure

    For software problems and even some hardware you might be able to get a bsod with more info - check the event viewer at the time of the crash also
  3. Ok, before you replace anything, clean your computer out with air duster. Then, check your temps. I suggest RealTemp, it is a little simpler than speedfan. If your CPU temps are really high(70+) when it crashes, it is the CPU overheating. If this is the case, physically check to make sure the CPU fan is still running. If neither is the case, get back to us. In the mean time, back up your essential data.
  4. ok, ive replaced RAM, motherboard, CPU, power supply, still problem persists..

    ive disabled "Shut off" on system failure, idk if that does anything...

    ALl im doing currently is watchin computer temps, but i dont think it will shut down since nothing too power hungry is running, im guessin its overheating, since it turns off, and i have to wait and then unplug power cord, and plug back in, to have it work..

    but still, not positive

    please help

  5. You have replaced almost every essential component, why didn't you just build a new computer?
  6. I use Everest Ultimate Edition to keep track of my temperatures. If any component has a sensor, it will tell what temp its running. Also tells you what speeds the fans are running. Voltage values from your power supply. It basically will tell you anything that you would want to know about your computer and gives websites for updates to firmware, drivers, etc. Has a few benchmark test also. I also have Sisoftware Sandra Pro, which is very similar, but I prefer Everest as it gives faster results. I have had shut down problems too. I can suggest trying to keep all wires tucked away to prevent air turbulence. Also, if you havent already, add an intake fan to the front and an outtake fan(back). My set up is pretty power intensive and my motherboard isnt top of the line. New egg has a power supply calculator you can use here: That may help you find out if you have enough watts for your system. That can cause a shutdown. You get what you pay for. I have had great results with Antec and now BFG power supplies. Its always best to have more than you need. I suspect that my motherboard is my culprit. Because it doesnt have a fan on the south bridge. My motherboard temps are highest of all. And, as a previous person has reported, you could have bad resistors or otherwise a worn out mb. Good luck with your shut down issue. Hope this has been some help. Memory will also cause that problem as previously discussed. Just remember, you get what you pay for and always read reviews and otherwise study up on what youre buying before you pay. But buy the best you can afford. Tends to last longer :sol: .
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