6GB installed only 4GB show in BIOS and Windows 7

Basically, I need to know how to test to see if I have a bad stick of RAM or a bad DIMM slot, because I've changed the voltages and it has not helped at all.
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  1. Try testing with each 2GB sticks simultaneously and see if it boots fine to windows and its fully recognized.
  2. Check if you have memory remapping enabled in the BIOS. If you have it disabled you will only see 4 Gig MAX.
  3. Where exactly is that under? (the memory rempping cuz i tested each slot and each stick and they all read and boot up.
  4. ^+1 8/10 - Windows 32-bit {2^32 = 4GB max} ; 1/10 BIOS H/W reserved {HDD Partitions} ; 1/10 Bent CPU pins.

    BTW - Welcome Newcomer! :)
  5. No i have windows 7 64 bit.
  6. Post the following:
    Verify these settings

    Resource Monitor
  7. in my resource montior it only shows 4gb total :( idk what that means and idk how to post screenshots :(.
  8. And my system configuration looks exactly the same as the shot posted.
  9. The (2) Values that say it all are Total & Installed, problems are when Hardware reserved {grey} are big numbers e.g. >1000 MB. Typically 32-bit causes H/W Reserve or "wasted" memory to be high. Causes: 32-bit, Memory Mapping in BIOS not set correctly, Maximum Memory in MSCONFIG, Hard drive Partitions, bad RAM stick(s), etc.

    To capture a screen simply press the {PrtScn} for full screen capture, or {Alt + PrtScn} for a window; next open a free account {example http://photobucket.com/ } and in the "Add a reply" use the Add photo option or click in the IMG Code & Paste {IMG]URL[/IMG} - use [] brackets.
  10. i have a mac usb keyboard, and theres no printscreen button is there a command to use instead?
  11. Just state:
    Available =
    Cached =
    Total =
    Installed =


    Hardware Reserved =

    I have no idea what, if any, button on a Mac K/B = {PrtScn}; this link may help - http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/making-fast-screen-captures-in-windows-and-mac/
  12. A=944MB
  13. Okay, it's confirmed missing 2GB. You did not or I missed which MOBO you have, but look at the Manual regarding "Memory Remapping." http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929605

    Next, in the BIOS: If it is only reporting 4GB there then there is an issue with a slot or one of the modules. You can check the bios to see how much memory is installed and you may need to change a memory remapping option.
  14. weird, because i have windows 7 so that doesnt help, and I've booted it up and it's read 6GB in the Bios before, but it's not everytime, i wonder if theres a reason behind it.
  15. oh and i have an ASUS p6x58d premium MOBO. with original BIOS.
  16. tallfern said:
    ...I've booted it up and it's read 6GB in the Bios before, but it's not everytime, i wonder if theres a reason behind it.

    That suggests: 1. Re-seat the DIMM(s) & clean-out both sockets & RAM connections {use a pencil eraser and wipe-off with Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol & dry; use pressured air to blow-out DIMM socket}, 2. BAD Stick - determine which one works/fails & replace.

    D/L and created a bootable CD/DVD with Memtest86 {ISO/zip}, run at least 2 passes ~ 2 hours - http://www.memtest.org/
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