Help with GPU PLZ !!

hey i need to know how do i choose a GPU and what are some good hi end GPUs i should be looking at?? im noob lol so dont laugh but so far for my BEASTY PC im thinking about gettin a i7 975 or ( doin more reserch n might get i7 920 DO )and for my Mobo im getting the ASUS P6X58D Premium.

So.... lil help plz im lookinf for the best GPU~!~

comp is gonna be used for gaming =) but also for networking, programing and doing audio work like beats n stuff... i know gpu good for gaming but not sure if i realy need it for ne of the other following
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  1. well, drop the i7 975 to the 920 and get a good air cooler with it

    with the money saved (~$600), you should be able to fit the 5870 (fastest single GPU right now), 5970 is fastest dual-gpu on one board,

    what kind of programming do you do, ie if you make memory intensive apps you could go for 12GB (or 24GB if you need it)
  2. 6 GB with a 64 bit OS is enough for ANYTHING, even with huge renders in UDK, Sandbox 2, 3DS Max.
    I would get a 920 & use the $600 for a 5970.
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