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I've been looking to overclock my stock 3.2ghz AMD 1090T processor and I've never had the best of luck with it. I'd like to get it to 4.2ghz but I may or may not have the right parts etc.. to do so. I'd like mainly just to figure and take advice from you guys.

My current build is.

ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 (motherboard)
OCZ 700w powersupply
Sapphire HD 5770 1gb (graphics)
AMD 1090T 3.2ghz (CPU) with a Hyper 212 cooler
8GB Corsair Vengeance series
20mm side fan

I can follow directions though I'm not entirely good with voltages but I realize what everything does and I can navagate the BIOS so any advice and help is appreciated
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  1. My 1045t X6 made it to 3.4 without much hassle, but took way too much voltage to stabilize 3.5. My hyper 212 was struggling to keep it under 55C with the voltage it took. (can't remember what it was but I'm pretty sure it was over 1.4v)

    I have never seen a 1090 that wasn't a BE so just bump your multiplier in small steps. Test, watch voltage and heat. Rinse, repeat.

    Most MB's get overzealous with automatic voltage adjustments as you increase CPU speed. So you will probably have to use a negative offset to bring the voltage down from the MB's target voltage, once you start getting up there in clock speed.
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