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Recently my PC was crashing more often than normal in Windows, so I turned on full memory checking in the BIOS.

The system then refused to boot as it displayed a R/W Memory error.

I had 2 x 1gb modules (ballistix) installed, removed one at a time, found out which one was causing the error, and then removed it.

The PC was far more stable from this point on, and I ordered another memory module (matched).

Yesterday though, the same error has appeared again, and now the single remaining memory module is also causing the same BIOS error.

I wondered if this was a common thing to happen (i.e. both memory modules go in succession), or whether I'm just plain unlucky! ;-) ... obviously I am a little wary now about installing more new memory, as they might go pop too if something else is wrong.

I must admit, I've never had a fault with memory before, so I am seeking advice here.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The fault may have nothing to do with your memory; it could be a faulty power supply, although if the memory is genuinely faulty then memory dying one after another from old age due to contamination is common if they are of identical manufacturer and date.
  2. Thanks pjmelect, I really appreciate your reply.

    I must admit, the instability was over the course of a week before one of them finally gave up! The 2nd went one day later.

    They are of identical make/ model, and were bought at the same time, but they're only a year or so old.

    I've not noticed any other problems with the PC at all though, but would I notice if the power supply was dodgy?

    Again, thanks for you reply it is appreciated - I'm still wary of putting the new memory in ... ;-)



  3. Hi dess and welcome to THG.

    Download and test the RAM with memtest86+ after that let me know if u get some error.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the pointer saint19.

    I will do this tonight.



  5. Hi saint19.

    It took me a while to burn the ISO and boot from it .... ;-)

    Got a red line on results (I wrote out the stuff by hand and typed it, but I'm sure it's right). ;-)

    Failing address
    000745a9388 - 1861.6Mb
    Err bits



  6. :lol: Do u test both sticks? or only one.
  7. Both were in at the time I ran the test ... should I do the test again with one in, then test again with the other one in?



  8. Yeah test one 1st and after the 2nd one.
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