Windows experience index with memory

I have AData DDR3 1333 and I got 7.4 in win 7 experience index and now I am going to buy G Skill 1600 can I get the same index ?

It will be exciting also to tell your index rate and type of memory

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  1. Don't waste your money if your system is running well. The performance difference is small. You may be able to overclock your adata ram by overclocking the cpu if numbers are all you're interested in. The windows 7 performance index means little just like some benchmarks have no relevance on overall system performance.
  2. I just want to OC my CPU and my current RAM modules bus 1333 wont allow it

    also I know that win index is not a real thing but I just hate to buy a new expensive RAM modules and get 6.5 rate :)

    thanks alot
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