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I have two computers, one upstairs and one downstairs. How would I go about hooking them both up to the internet. The one downstairs is already hooked up. I am wondering; if I bought a router how would that work. Would it matter that the two computers are aproximately 25 feet away from one another. Or would it be best to just use a second modem?
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  1. Buy a SOHO router, small office home office. It will include either a 4 or 5 port integrated switch. unplug power from the modem, connect network cable from modem to router. Turn on modem and let it initialize. Turn on router and let it initialize. Plug in both computers to the switch ports, or connect wireless. That's it.
    Be sure to go into the router setup and set security for the wireless and change the default login password.
  2. Thanx so much Sturm. I really appreciate the info. You have been a great help : )
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