4 pins or 8 pins connector on MB

Please tell me, if i have motherboart with 24 pins connector and 8 pins connector. I must buy power supply with 8 pins connector or i can go with standart 4 pins?
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  1. what CPU will you be installing in the motherboard?
  2. -CPU i5 750
    -GPU MSI R5770 Hawk
  3. if your current PSU has a 4 pin, you should be OK. Most motherboards let you connect a 4 pin into a 8 pin slot, my gigabyte mobo lets me.

    Obviously if you are looking to purchase a PSU, I would suggest one with a 8 pin.
  4. Ty, realy help me this...
  5. The additional 4 pins on the 8 pin connector are not needed. You can plug a 4 pin power into a 8 pin motherboard. Some boards come with 4 of the pins covered. Those are the ones you leave unused.

    The 8 pin EPS standard was established for multi-socket systems. Its not needed for your system.
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