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I have changed the thermal paste on my H100 from the paste Corsair installs to some Antec formula 6 that I had from a past project.
The stock stuff was doing a better job by about 5c and in the past on my old H80 I used arctic silver 5 and it was better than the standard pre applied paste by about 3c. What are some of you using for paste?

The picture shows what readings I get with the Antec paste.
Do any of the numbers look bad for a H100 cooled I5 2500k
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  1. I use AS5 but keep in mind that AS5 has a 200 hour cure time
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    Here is a thermal paste roundup from skinnee labs (great liquid cooling website):
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  4. I Will get hate for this- On my Personal Pc I use an odd brand and type
    Cooler Master High Performance TIM the white ice set-

    Came out back in 2002 and I bought a few we designed for sub ambient temps
    The tim was bad a upon release,but some odd thing happened to this stuff with age were something seraded and it got greasy so I tried it and I was getting crazy low = to AS-5 and mx4. the main reason I use it because its last forever its vary greasy and allows me to do what ever I want to my system-case-components and them just stick them back on with out having to reapply everything.
  5. When I build a system for buddies/coworkers I use Indigo Xtream. most of them will never need to upgrade or would not know how if you pointed it out item by i just lock it up so they never need to.
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