3 beeps?

Hi, I've been running on my recently upgraded system for about a week without any problems but today, nothing came on the screen when the computer was turned on.

All the fans are working and parts aren't loose or anything but there is one beep followed by a long pause then 3 fast beeps during the booting process. I didn't find any problem with the memory so I took out the graphic card and plugged the monitor into onboard graphic card which is hd4200 or something. The beeps are still present but it boots up normally.

Does this mean that my new graphic card is defective?

Thank you for any help :)

Athlon x3 445, Asus 785g motherboard, Gigabyte hd5830, A-Data 4Gb DDR3-1600, OCZ 600W
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  1. Do you have AMI BIOS on your motherboard ? Acc. to AMI BIOS doc., 1 long & 3 short beeps means conventional and/or extended memory failure. This, I believe, is the area below 1 MB of memory section. Therefore, your gfx card should be O.K.
  2. hmm I see. Yes I am pretty sure it is the AMI. Can it really be memory failure? It boots up perfectly normal. I tried changing the slots w/ the ram but it didn't make a difference.
  3. so it turns out that after disabling the onboard in bios and plugging in the graphic card, it does 8 beeps which according to ami = graphic card problem :/

    If I only had the card for a week, do I ask for a replacement from newegg or gigabyte?
  4. You should download the memtest86+ and create a bootable CD (or a bootable USB flash disk, if your mb can boot to it). Then you should boot to it and test your memory overnight.

    EDIT: Sorry you beat me to your post by several seconds. If you get 8 beeps now, yes that points to gfx card problem.
  5. ugh I was hoping that my dvi/vga adapter was broken, not the card itself. Thank you for your help!
  6. Monitor or monitor cabling does not cause BIOS beeps.
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