Will I be bottle-necking my computer?

Just a little back story, these are my current computer specs

CPU: Intel Core i7-920
Mobo: Asus Rampage III Gene
RAM: G.Skill 12 Gig DDR3
GPU: GTX 460 in dual SLI
PSU: 800 Watt Cooler Master 80+ Gold

Here is my dilemma, my storage

Primary Storage (Windows): Raid 0 2x Kingston 128 gig SSD SNV425-S2
Secondary Storage: Raid 0 2x WD Velociraptor 10,000 RPM 300gb HDD

Now for my current situation,

Is my current storage set up being bottle-necked by my HDD?

Would buying three Intel 520 60GB SSDs (15,000 Read IOPS each) and running them in Raid 0 for a total of 45,000 IOPS be faster or slower than buying one Intel 520 180GB SSD (50,000 IOPS)?
Would purchasing two Intel 520 180 GB SSD in Raid 0 (total 100,000 IOPS) be bottle-necked by my controller?

(not really a storage question but a question nonetheless) Am I providing my PC with too little wattage?

Additional Info:
I'm using a Cooler Master HAF X and its great but I'm a bit bored of the "box" shape so I'm purchasing a barebones Alienware Area 51 ALX and migrating my components there. I'm going to be using the Alienware mobo because its required for AlienFX.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Storage does not affect game FPS. Secondary storage is probably for storing files and data. They should not bottleneck the system. SSD's will generally not bottleneck the system. TRIM does not support RAID, so the odds of your SSD's failing increases. The difference between a larger SSD and two small SSD's in RAID is minimal. You have enough wattage.
  2. What do you do with your computer? Some sort of complicated professional work or gaming? I'm pretty sure you are a gamer but I thought I would ask just to make sure.

    Here is a link to a power requirement chart:


    Just scroll down to your video card model to see the power requirements.
  3. Maybe I should clarify,

    -Currently use this for gaming but I'm expanding my territory at the moment.
    -Installing programs on my SSD will make it faster than installing on an HDD

    Reworded questions:

    Is Raid 0 even worth it for SSDs?

    The guy raids 24 SSDs together for a total speed of 2gb/s but each individual SSD was 200 mb/s individually so its an efficiency rate of about 42%.

    Would raiding three 60gb SSDs be better than one 180gb SSD? The internal controllers for the smaller SSDs are slower than the larger SSD so if you're only adding IOPS
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  5. Read this Tom's Hardware article about ssd's and gaming:


    The current thinking is to purchase the largest capacity ssd you can afford.
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