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Hello, The monitor on my Presario 7478 comes on but, mostly has B/W "blocks" or other strange figures. The windows logo comes on, faintly behind the strange stuff, for about 40 seconds then goes off. Sometimes after 10 or 15 minutes I get a message "IT IS NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER" The monitor works fine on another system and another monitor does the same thing on the Presario. I tried shutting down system and disconnected the power. I'm not sure where the video card is for this model or if that is even the problem. Help!!
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    is this your computer?

    if so that is wicked old

    and the cause of the problem is the video card is dead

    and because it is integrated memory you have to get a new mobo or a video card

    you won't find one though except for ebay, and there isn't much point in investing on that computer, sorry

    it is ymine computer?

    it is wicked old

    but it serves well as a starter computer for the kids.

    can you tell me where on the mobo the video card is located?

    I have a local place that has a lot of old parts and if it can limp along for another year it will be worth fixing.
  3. i can't say where the video card is located because it doesn't have one

    it has integrated video memory, so it is this little chip soldered onto the board and if you take it off it might damage the mobo
  4. Thanks. I have found an inexpensive PCI video card and am going to try that.
  5. I got an inexpensive PCI video card (and increased my video memory X8) I put it in and it is working fine. Should keep the young one happy for a while. It actually was easy to find PCI video cards at stores and on line. It's wicked old, but still going!!
  6. alright hope it works for a long time cheers :D
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