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Hi all, hope you can help me. Hope i am posting this in the right forum, it's my 1st post. I just bought a used gateway LX6810-01, i know about the over heating problems this computer has. I am planning on installing 1 Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm blowing out back and 1 Noctua NF-R8-1800 80mm sucking in the front

I also am thinking about a north bridge cooler and a gpu cooler. i have a gt120 and it's running 69-70c idle. My gpu doesn't exhaust the hot air, so i believe it's contributing to the heat problems.

My problem is i do not have much to any hands on doing these things, like where or how to hook up the fans. Or if my Motherboard even has enough hookups for them. I really don't want to buy much else for this computer right now. I chose the fans for the noise levels. Are they the right choice?

I am mechanically inclined but haven't done much inside of computers. Is there a way to let the computer determine the fans speed, and where would i hook them up on my MB or to anything. sorry kind of lost
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  1. We should know what motherboard you have. What's written on the mobo?
  2. I used sandra and it says manufacturer is gateway, model fmcp7am, serial number u00p091501239. I haven't opened the case yet. Will there be a id on the mobo?
  3. i installed a 40$ motherbored fan and my pc felt cool but i checked the temp and it said 130c and it over heated again the motherbored is mest up you cant fix it!!!!!! i want my money back lol
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