Intel Core i3/i5 M Series + DDR3 1333MHz + hm55 Board

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I have this Intel Core i5 M / i3 M Series and they have Memory types of 800/1066 MHZ

butI have RAM of DDR3 having 1333MHZ .

So will I be able to use my RAM fully ? :ouch:

I mean will I be using only 1066MHz.....due to CPU Limitation! :??:

Board is - hm55

please advise ..... :(
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  1. The memory will more than likely be limited to the CPUs max. Even if it is at 1066MHz, it wont affect the performance at all.
  2. It might affect performance, just not enough for anything more than a benchmark to notice. You'd be wasting you time here.
  3. that means above config . is fine...

    or you suggest a DDR3 1066 RAM ?

    in place of DDR3 1333MHz.
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    1066mhz will be fine.
  5. Thank you.
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